Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Milling Dana 44 Flat Top Knuckles

Milling Dana 44 Flat Top Knuckles

I am in the first stages of rebuilding a Dana 44.  I just finished my 14 bolt swap in the rear and now need an 8-lug front end to match.  I am using an old 44 housing I bought from Jenks (@ pirate).  At the moment it is sitting empty on my work bench.  I have collected many of the parts I will need but still need a handful. 
This blog only deals with the knuckle aspect, and will be rolled into a bigger tech. guide as a full Dana 44 rebuild.  
The reason you mill flat top knuckles is to go with cross over/high steering.  Basically so you can run your steering arm/tie rod over the leaf springs to the passenger side knuckle.  Getting them out of harms way and helping improve the bump steer that the factory set up creates. 
Before you venture into this project I high recommend you read the following pages for valuable information.
Bella Vista's Steering Page & Mr. N's Dana 44 Flat Top Knuckle Page.  After you read these, re-read them, because they are really that important.  If you fail to do something correctly it could have very catastrophic results.

Monday, March 7, 2011

'63 Wagoneer

1963 Wagoneer
Picture taken by B. McGee

Found at a little car lot in Mt. Home, Arkansas
I would love to see this truck upgraded and wheeled.
It's unique style is awesome.

The NWA Willys

The N.W.A. Willys
Pictures taken by R.McClane

We found this jewel while running around North West Arkansas on a geocache hunt.
I have no clue why it sits like it does, but I have mad respect for the owner.