Monday, November 11, 2013

The Dana 61.

The bastard child has found a home.

This is the never claimed brother of the beloved Dana 60.  So hopefully when this is all said and done it will clear up all the cluttered information that is out there and make life easy.

Can it be geared? The simple answer is absolutely.  Why a Dana 61, well because they are cheap. 

Here she is in her oil covered leaky glory.  I will take a leaky axle any day as they are protected from rust.  This is out of a Dodge.  They are a few inches shorter than the Chevy's wms to wms.

The Dana 61 was created to have numerically lower gears. I.E. 3.07.  The pinion in these cases is offset away from the gear mounting surface to allow for the larger pinion gear.  Although they did come with up to a 4.10 gear.  Which pretty much means they can be geared if you have the correct carrier. Which the break is 3.54 on the Dana 61.  But if you want  a locker this brings up a little hairier situation.  There is such thing as a Dana 61 Detroit Locker.  It does however not come in 35 spline, but rather 30 spline for the rear Dana 61.  Or if you have the correct carrier you can simply lunch box it and roll down the road.  Well the easy way out is not the way out for me.  So we shall attempt things the hard way.

I already have a 4.10 gear.  I have a 4.56 and up detroit locker, I do have the correct Dana 61 carrier, but will not be using it.

Stay tuned to get the meat and tatas.......