Friday, January 31, 2014

S.M.O.R.R. Froze Over 2013

Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch
2013 Annual Froze Over Event
Feb. 1-3, 2013

It all started as an invite from the SMORR Facebook event page. At the time I accepted the invitation, I had no way of getting my truck there so in the event chat, I asked if there was anyone who could help get my truck there if I paid for fuel. I had a couple of people say they might be able to get me there but one guy ended up coming through for me. His name is Rustin. In the weeks prior to the event, I was hard pressed to get my truck in order. This would mark it's first time getting out since all of the upgrades were completed.
Pulling away from my house

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ORD Weld in Frame Repair Kit

How to install an ORD frame repair kit

One of the prerequisites of doing a crossover/high steer upgrade is to swap the original 4WD steering gear box with a 2WD version. Popular consensus is that many of us (that use our four wheel drives as four wheel drives) will, in high probability, find that the weak 1/2 ton frame has cracked at the steering box mounts. I helped raise that statistic when I found my frame had indeed cracked. Before moving on to my crossover/high steer upgrade, I needed to ensure that this problem was fixed.

I had already read about the ORD frame repair kit and really liked what I saw, so I decided to order one. So I once again enlisted the help of 138Modified's own CapitalJ to lay some bead with his welder. This article will show you how we accomplished the install. Not all installs will be exactly as we did it as there were some modifications that had to be made that were specific to my Blazer. Total time spent less than a day, done in tight quarters. For a person with access to a shop with better power tools and more room, the project can be done much quicker and maybe look a little better when completed.

Weld in frame repair kit #GU39002 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Gear Install

New Gear Install
(not a complete install write-up, just a generalized list)

Good Friday was a good day indeed.  I had a day off of work with the total use of the shop.  I conned a guy I work with into helping set some new gears into my front axle.  Although Rob is a Mopar guy, (I don't hold that against him) he was willing and more than able to complete the task.  We both were new at installing gears in a Dana 44, although Rob had set up other axle types.  Armed with the instruction sheets that came from the master bearing kit and the gear set, along with the Bella Vista write up, we were able to figure it out nicely.
Yukon Master Bearing Kit
Yukon 4.56 Thick Cut Gear Set