Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Rush Springs Ranch, July 2016

I had been wanting to check this park out for a couple years.  Its very close to the home-base, and rents cheap cabins. I heard it had some really good medium level trails, and friendly owners.  This story actually starts a few weeks earlier.  I was taking a noobie co-pilot on a very hot Saturday.  We got there, paid, and checked out the main loop.  Within 2 hrs the power steering hose at the pump failed and drained my fluid with a quickness.  It was a another  2 hours getting to the trailer cuz I was lost.  A short day of wheeling and never got off the main easy trails.

Fast Forward to present day. 

We arrive around 10 AM already knowing what cabin we are in.  We chose to rent a cabin, The noobie co-pilot is now my girlfriend and she's been promised a real weekend of wheeling. Im not going to recite the whole story, just post pictures and try to explain them best i can.  Unfortunately I've waited 5 months to do the write up and have dropped the ball.  I apologize in advance for the sub par write up.

The trails are located in some very pretty landscape.  Lots of trees, rocks and cliffs/ledges. 

One of our first trails had a wash out right down the middle that kept getting bigger.  I was able to straddle it for about 3/4 of the way and then the front end dropped in.  I was able to drive it out without any issues.  more intimidating to rigs with narrow axles.

This is 3 ledges in a row.  3 of our rigs went over them.  We were one of the rigs.  We had actually went over this solo, before we hooked up with Joe's crew.  I'm fairly certain this is where we broke the transmission casing.

One of Joe's crew was in a crazy home brew rig.  Two seater, inline.  It pretty much was unstoppable.

The funnest trail was the one behind the old barn.  It was full of medium sized rocks and very bumpy.

Rush Springs has several different cabin options, the prices are very reasonable.  The one we stayed in had AC which was awesome.

Some of the trails are a bit off camber and tight.  My fool size rig made it, but rubbed a bit

I would definitely recommend this park.  Its perfect for those of you within an hour drive or who dont want to worry about the trails being too hard core.  95% of the park is medium trails or easier. 
The staff are awesome, the cabins are very clean and cheap, they have great bathrooms and showers, and there are plenty of them.,  


  1. It was a great weekend. Sorry you broke you rig on a medium grade loop... :-) Joe