Under the hood : 
302 5.0L V8
Remote oil filter
3-core aluminum radiator
Custom aluminum fan shroud
In-line electric fuel pump
Oil pickup tube from 95 Mustang 5.0
Rear sump oil pan from Early Bronco

'85 C-6
Custom tranny mount
NP205 twin-stick T-case
Homemade driveshafts
'78 f-150 ford 9" rear end w/mini spool
Matching '78 f-150 high pinion angle Dana 44 front end
Stonecrusher over knuckle steering system
All new brake lines
Long flexible brakelines from frame to axles
33" 12.50 TSL Boggers on 10" steel rims
19" gain in wheelbase width from stock measuring outside of tire width

Other notables:
Full size TSL Bogger spare
4 inch fender flares
Cradled Warn tabor 9K winch
Rear receiver
2" James Duff poly body lift
Homemade bumpers and roll bar
1/4 inch steel rocker panel guards
Pro Comp ES-3000 long travel shocks
James Duff 3.5 " lift early bronco progressive rate coils
2" extended shackles
Grant steering wheel
Stainless hood pins
Removed rear top and 3 windows permanently
All the rest of the blue XLT interior was from the #4 parts truck, and doors and front driver fender from grey #3 truck.
I cut wrecked front passenger inner body out at door to center behind grill and replaced it with same piece from '86 Ranger.

First came the truck that introduced 4X4 to me, the '86 blue Bronco 2. I had brought my stepfather to a car lot to look at a fairly beat up Blazer, and he started checking this truck out, it was more money because it was in really good shape and I hadn't considered it because of the cost, but he talked me into thinking about it. I got my first Vehicle loan and I bought it, man it was fun, I camped in it and rescued friends in the snow with it. I was slowly realizing how capable it was, or really just the 4x4 compared to 2wd. It wasnt long till I discovered mud.......glorious mud. It took some time for me to notice the rocks and hillclimbs all around the mudholes but I soon did. I was a house builder at the time and life was alot of fun.

 We rebuilt the engine after about a year because it was knocking pretty bad and it was totally solid till I rolled it while being really careless one evening on the pavement, I got hurt badly but the passengers made it with a few minor injuries thank goodness. It was the end of that truck. I had ideas of chopping the top and stuff while I recovered but when I finally got to the point of working on it, it proved to be actually totaled.

After I rolled that one I came across a great deal on the red one, $250, it wouldn't start and I was told the transmission was locked up but when we got it home it had a bad contact on the starter solenoid and after cleaning it and reconnecting it, it fired up! We also found that the shifter was messed up at the top of the transmission so we ran to a salvage yard and got another 5-speed shifter, bolted it on and it was fixed.
I had really missed my old one but shortly after getting it roadworthy I found a '77 corvette in my price range and I couldn't resist trading it off for it.

#3 This one I called Burl. $250, I called it that because I treated it like it was a burly big truck. I drove it along time and I liked the color, I went to a salvage yard with my friend and boss at the time to get a part for him and it was sitting there almost complete,missing wheels, motor and 1 fender.I was ridiculously hard on this one but it still feels like possibly my favorite of the 5 trucks.

I had the most fun wheeling this one and it proved to be extremely capable even with its limitations. I also had a fair amount of luck in this truck on the trails. I had this truck along time , I even had it when I bought #5, my current truck. I used this one to pull the smashed front end out of #5 with a winch. I sold it to mutant when he was down to just the mutant-blazer at one time and he needed a daily driver.

#4  $300, It had a short life but is a notable mention because the fuel injected motor, and wheels went into the # 3 truck Burl, and the blue interior seats, dash, door, and body panels are all still in use in the #5 truck today. After I stripped it, I had it smashed and got $120 back.

#5 The Current Rig
I love this truck, when I first got it trailworthy I took my oldest son for his first ride in it, in a car-seat in the passenger seat. I packed a lunch for us both and drove some easy ride trails to a river near a large cave entrance. I pulled right out to the very edge of the river, he thought it was so awesome to get to ride in a front seat and to pull off a street onto a trail. It was just me and him, we had sandwiches and juice boxes, and threw rocks into the river. It felt like a huge success and we drove back out and home with no problems.


I did a few write-ups during the #5 build

2. Bronco 2 Solid Axle Swap

3. Twin Stick Ford style NP205 T-Case