The Mutant K5

A closer look at my '75 Blazer
(The Process of Elimination)

Chronological Timeline of Upgrades and Events

July 1997
The '75 K5 Blazer is bought with the following: D44 front/Corp. 
12 rear (both open) w/3.07 crappy rims/tires
 original 350 that was very tired
Th350 w/NP203 full time T-case

Currently (November 2017)

D60 w/4.56, hydro-assist w/cooler & filter
Crossover/High Steer
14 BFF welded w/disc brakes & prop. valve
Rebuilt original 355 (.030 over)
TH350/NP205 w/twin sticks
GotPropane fuel system
38.5 x 14.5 x 15 TSLs, on TMI beadlocks

 New 35" Stag tires
mounted on 
American Racing 15" steel rims
newer hood to replace the bent original

Pulled motor and stored
Salvage yard 305 installed
Started saving for an engine rebuild

Original motor is rebuilt into a 355 ci
the motor is installed back into truck

4" Suspension lift installed
Front springs
Rear blocks
(New hood already taco'd)

Was given a front clip to test out
Drove it like that for a few months

Later that year 
I scored some straighter sheet metal
This was the longest look its had to date

Same year
Finished my first custom bumper
(Mad Props to Limey for the help)

Same year
Went with Limey to wheel
Near Midland, TX.
5 Mile

Same year
Attended my first 4x4 event
Held in Kermit, Tx.
Sponsored by
I went without a front drive-shaft

Installed ORD
Shackle flip kit
in rear

Same year

Same year
Installed new Edelbrock 
Performer Carb & Intake

Same year
Cut rear fender rust out
Used a sawzall while on break at work

installed a crate TH350 made by Accurate
Had the NP203 professionally rebuilt
Mile Marker part time kit installed

Aug. 2005
Bought a set of
TSL Super Swampers

Late 2005
Beta version of new from bumper is unveiled

Late 2005
Basic C-channel rear bumper installed

Rear driveshaft spins in half

Same year
Fiberglass top is cut into
Pick-up truck style

Same year
Salvage yard rear 3/4 ton leaf springs 
The truck now sits higher in rear

Same year
13 months after install
Crate Transmission breaks at housing
1 month past warranty

(Blazer sat dormant for a few months)

TH350 is bought from the salvage yard
It is installed
(the salvage yard pulled it from a '76 K5)
A transfer case brace is built from spare parts
that came from CapitalJ's Bronco project

CapitalJ and I build a custom grill 
The truck instantly looks better
and is now armored

Feb. 2008
The transfer case grenades in low range
High range still operable

Later that year
An NP205 is bought from Craigslist
A JB Fab twin stick is installed

Later that year
A truck tail gate is installed

Later that year
ORD Zero-Rate installed
Front axle is relocated 1.5" forward

Later that year
After flexing i realize my brake lines are my limiting factor
ORD stainless extended brake lines installed

Later that year
Mini-Spool installed into Corporate 12 bolt rear
Instant traction
As well as satisfaction

Later that year
Top is cut down even more due to stress cracking
Fiberkini is debuted

Later that year
Complete interior removed, cleaned
& spray liner is applied.

Later that year
Tail light delete panels
are fabbed and installed with trailer lights

Later that year
New front clip is purchased from Craigslist
Fenders are cleaned up,
Wells are cut and riveted
Whole exterior is sanded 

Memorial Week-End 2008
2 coats of industrial primer is applied
CapiltalJ played a huge roll is this

2 Days later
After curing, stickers are applied

(You gotta represent)

Nov. 8th, 2008

Nov. 2008
Carnage from wheeling trip
Rear output on T-case is destroyed

Later that year
new poly body mounts installed

Later that year
Bed rail armor fabbed and installed

Later that year
Advanced Adapter rear output flange installed

Later that year
Used 1/2 ton Ford style flange
Mounted to driveshaft

Dec. 2008
14BFF is bought from Craigslist
open diff w/ 4.56 R&P

14 bolt is stripped down to spindles
Sits for over a year as a side project

Later that year
Ruff Stuff brake brackets installed

Later that year
New rotors are pressed onto hubs
New wheel studs
New bearings

Later that year
New calipers and pads

Later that year
New floor boards are installed
My dad played a huge roll in this

Later that year
Spiders are welded into the
Orb of Traction

Jan. 2009

February 15, 2010
Bed stiffener fabbed

Jan. 2011
The 14 bolt is installed in truck

Later that year
I, with the help of my boss, mill two custom control arms

Later that year
I, with the help of my boss,
Mill two flat top knuckles to the same size
New ball joints and control arm studs are installed

Later that year
Cross over - high steer kit installed
Bought from WFO Concepts

Later that year
New Yukon full spool & Yukon Gears
installed professionally
into Dana 44

Later that year
New 8 lug rotors installed
Truck is now considered 3/4 ton

Early 2012
CapitalJ & I install an ORD frame brace

Feb., 2012
New H.A.D. rear 1 ton driveshaft installed

Jan., 2013
Used 2nd generation Mitsubishi Eclipse seats 
bought from Craigslist & Installed

March 2013
2013 Big Meats Run

Sept., 2013
On going side project begins
TMI Beadlock kit
Welded to Bart 15" rims

Later that year
My first toolbox is repurposed
Now its a center console

Later that year
RCI 16 gal. fuel cell is bought from Craigslist
Custom cradle is made to hold it
Fuel gauge sender is cut into and mounted to cell

Early 2014
Beadlocks are completed

March 2014
I buy a Dually to haul the Blazer

March 2014
2014 Big Meats Run

Late March, 2014
Discovery of broken R&P in D44
Dana 60 bought from 4x4Land
Open carrier w/ 4,56

April 1, 2014
D44 is removed from the Blazer

April 10, 2014
D60 is installed
Steering box is removed & cleaned

April 11, 2014
Installed DIY4X tapped endcap

April 12, 2014
Sector shaft cover is tapped

April 24, 2014
Mounted steering cooler & plumbed
Plumbed steering box
Tie rod clamp welded to bracket

D60 cover soft mounted
Ram bracket mocked

May 14, 2014 
Bracket for ram to cover fabricated

May 17, 2014
Cover with bracket welded
is found to be too tall
Modifications needed

June 26, 2014
Reservoir adapter is made
Turned from aluminum
slip fit into OEM tank on bottom
1/2"NPT threads on top

July 7, 2014
17 year anniversary of ownership

Reservoir is mounted to a spare OEM style pump
Completion of Hydro-Assist part 1

July 9, 2014
Adapter with fluid temp sensor fabbed

July 13, 2014
Fabbed & installed reservoir stiffener bracket

Same Day
Installed remote steering fluid filter

August 4, 2014
Final mock up of ram bracket & cover
Cover is installed
Ram is installed
Tie rod clamp bracket is installed
Completion of Hydro-Assist part 2

November 11, 2014
Aluminum spacers are fabbed & installed
Effectively limiting 3/4" of over travel
Completion of Hydro-Assist part 3

November 1, 2014
End of the Year Snowball Trip

November 19, 2014
Propane kit from GotPropane arrives

November 29, 2014
Propane carb. installed
Converter installed
Both are plumbed

January 13, 2015
Propane brackets are mounted to a frame
Frame is mounted to bed of Blazer
Spare tire is relocated
Rear utility box is relocated

Same day
Bulkhead is mounted
All fuel line is ran
Solenoid is wired

Same day
Propane swap completed

March 26-29, 2015
Big Meats Run 2015 Event

July 18, 2015
Kansas Rocks

September 19, 2015
Wheeling for the Wounded
Disney, Ok

November 2015-March 2016
Winter Upgrades
Rewired electrical
Cab Cage

March 17-20, 2016
Hot Springs Off Road Park
Solo Trip

July 2016
Rush Springs Off Road Park
Pineville, Mo.
Solo Trip

Nov. 2016- March 2017
Winter Upgrades
Fix Transmission, brace T-case
Reinforce crossmember
Trans cover restore
Custom B&M shifter installed

April 8, 2017
Disney Day Trip
138Mdified Crew

June 24-25
Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch
Solo Trip

 July 7th, 2017

20th annivery of ownership
Level up

Memorial Tattoo

October 27-29, 2017
Hogans Campground
Disney, Ok.

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