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2016/17 Winter Upgrades
T-case braces, shocks, and misc.

2015/16 Winter Upgrades
Battery box, cab cage new wiring

Chevy Dana 60 Kingpin Replacement
Replacing the dreaded kingpin

Propane Conversion
Converting from gas to propane

Hydro-Assist (part 1)
Modifying the Steering Box

Hydro-Assist (part 2)
Oil Filter, Cooler & Plumbing

Hydro-Assist (part 3) 
Ram Install, Bracket Fabrication & Bleeding

Cross-Over / High Steer
Installing a better steering system

DIY Beadlock Install
Total Metal Innovation & Bart steel rims

ORD Weld in Frame Repair Kit
Fixing the Infamous Steering Box Crack

New Gear Install
Installing 4.56 Yukon gears in a Dana 44

Rebuilding & Converting a D44 to 8-Lug 
Make your upgrade to 3/4 ton complete

Milling a D44 Flat-Top Knuckle 
Using a Fryer mill to get it done

14 Bolt Full-Floating Axle Upgrade & Swap
How to swap drum for disk brakes, weld the spiders, shave and install

Steering Upgrade
Stone crusher steering

Bronco 2 Solid Axle Swap 
A screwdiver required

A Simple Solution for a Weak Yoke
1/2 ton Chevy yokes are weak!!!

Swapping an NP203 for an NP205
Get rid of that heavy chain driven crap!

Installing a JB Fab Twin-Stick Shifter
Two shifters are better than one!

Twin Stick Ford style NP205 T-Case
Two shifters are better than one on Fords too!

ORD Zero-Rate Install Guide
Pushing the axle forward and lifting the suspension up an inch

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